5 Ways UV Lights Can Offer Protection Against COVID-19

5 Reasons UV LIght Can Help Protect Agains Coronavirus COVID-19 - FINSEN LIGHT

With the start of the running year, a global pandemic, COVID-19 took the world by storm. Over 5 million cases worldwide in such a short period of time put a halt on the busy life of the planet. As global and local authorities appear to hold a very limited control over the spread of the highly contagious virus, the social responsibility falls on individual citizens to establish methodical precautions in everyday life. 

Finsen Lights specializes in anti-viral and virucidal UV light sterilization technologies to assist in deactivating potentially harmful pathogens from surfaces and the air. UVC sterilizing technology is becoming more popular not only for its impressive performance but the automation that makes it so easy to use.

 Medical UV Light Sterilization for Sale - FINSEN LIGHT

1. Sterilizing Hospitals

Medical world and health institutes have embraced the use ultraviolet lights as a cleaning agent for numerous years now. Employment of large, industrial-grade machines to decontaminate rooms and general surfaces has proved to be an efficient and advantageous practice throughout. 


Commercial Disinfectant UV Lights for Hotels Restaurants and much more - FINSEN LIGHT

2. Helping Businesses Reopen

Finsen offers THANOS as the expert product for commercial use of UV light decontamination. With the capacity to sterilize surfaces and airborne microbes over 160 square feet, utilizing twin quartz crystal housing system and high output power system the THANOS UV light offers dynamic protection against harmful microorganisms.



Smartphone, Facemask and Accessorie Disinfectant UV Light - FINSEN LIGHT

3. All the Small Things

Smaller objects of everyday use and gadgets can be swift carriers of COVID-19. Although such measures as use of UV disinfectant lights were never before important for general public, times have changed now. Amidst the pandemic, smaller versions of UV sanitation lights can play a crucial role in disinfecting shared surfaces. TOMAHAWK, is a handheld UV light designed to disinfect objects and surfaces such as smartphones, keys, package deliveries and bags carrying thousands of possibly deadly viruses and bacteria.



Disinfecting Your Car UV Light Handheld Tools - FINSEN LIGHT

4. Keeping Your Car Clean

Cars, containers and other instruments of mobility suffer frequent exposure to the outside world and the viral dangers of it. TOMAHAWK is a powerful tool to assist in decontamination of vehicles that might otherwise host unimaginable number of contagions, stranded on it through such exposures. COVID-19 has been found to be somewhat airborne with the ability to survive on inanimate surfaces for unsuspected amount of time.


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5. What Home Owners Have Been Waiting For

Homes are expected be safe heaven against hazards of the outer world, but viruses and microbes can infest even the supposedly safest of the living environments. A recent study published Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, calculated a contagious element of 5.7 to the virus, a much higher value as opposed to previously believed basic reproduction number of 2.5 R0. JAEGAR UV light is designed to dispense the large 100 square foot light dispersion radius, enough to disinfect both the air and surfaces and provide extensive protection against the viruses and bacteria. A powerful tool to protect homes to ensure health and survival of individuals through the deadly outbreak.

Regular cleaning practices requires proper instruments of implementation, a specifically designed cleaning UV light cleaning kit, offered by Finsen helps you establish just that. Rigorous implementation of suggested guidelines by WHO officials is the only possible tool in the fight against the contagious strand of mutated RNA wreaking havoc on modern civilizations. UV cleaning kit is the efficient assistance, for proper decontamination practices that must be employed regularly and accordingly. Social distancing, frequent washing of hands and thorough cleaning of homes, cars and offices the bare survival necessities during these stressful times.

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