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The EVA is a UVC air sterilizer that is completely automated. All you need to do is plug it and walk away. The unique design makes the EVA lightweight, portable and extremely efficient exchanging 5 cubic meters of air per hour. This is the perfect device for any situation in close proximity to contaminated areas like restaurants, grocery stores, car, home and virtually everywhere these days. The EVA is EPA certified to remove bacteria and viruses from the air within a 20 square meters. To reduce interaction with contaminated materials the EVA was created with only a UVC sterilization feature and no HEPA filter to continuously replace.

Choose from a plug-in or portable USB option. Today more than ever its important to keep the air around us 100% sterilized from our home to the car and beyond. The USB port feature allows you to bring EVA with you where ever you need to go.

Finsen Light - EVA UV Air Sterilizer Product Certifications

Finsen_Disinfectant_UV_Light_Warranty_Details_Sterilize_Your_Home_Business_Office_or_Car_and_Kill_Bacteria_and_Viruses_Like_Coronavirus_COVID-19_Finsen_Lights_Include_a_One_Year_Warranty_ FINSEN LIGHT

Tous les produits désinfectants UV Finsen sont garantis un an. Dans le cas peu probable où vous rencontriez des problèmes de performances dans les produits UV, la durée de vie maximale garantie des performances du Tomahawk à 5000 charges et du JAEGAR et THANOS à 8000 heures tous les articles seront remplacés gratuitement.

Shipping_and_Return_Details_for_Finsen_UV_Light_Disinfectant_Products_Get_Free_Shipping_in_the_United_States_and_Canada_As_Well_As_Our_30_Day_No_Hassle_Return_Policy_Start_Disinfecting - FINSEN LIGHT
Free_Shipping_to_the_United_States_US_Disinfectant_UV_Light_High_Quality_for_Your_Home_Business_and_More_Kill_Bacteria_and_Viruses_Like_COVID-19_and_Coronavirus_on_surfaces_and_in_the_airIGHTFree_Shipping_to_Canada_for_UV_Light_Disinfectant_for_your_Home_Business_Office_Car_and_more - FINSEN LIGHT LIVRAISON GRATUITE AUX ÉTATS-UNIS ET AU CANADA

Facile! Finsen Light offre la livraison GRATUITE aux États-Unis (hors HI & AK) et au Canada d'un océan à l'autre.

International_Shipping_Fee_with_All_Products_Purchased_From_Outside_the_United_States_And_Canada - FINSEN LIGHT EXPÉDITION INTERNATIONALE (69 $) 

Toutes les commandes avec des adresses de livraison en dehors des États-Unis et du Canada auront des frais d'expédition de 69,99 USD appliqués lors de la commande.

Easy_Returns_Policy_Finsen_UV_Disinfectant_Light_30_Day_No_Hassle_Return_Policy_Start_Disinfecting_Your_Home_Business_Hotel_Restaurant_Car_And_More - FINSEN LIGHT

La satisfaction du client et la qualité des produits sont les piliers de Finsen Light. C'est pourquoi nous offrons une politique de retour sans tracas de 30 jours à partir du moment où vous recevez votre commande. Si vous avez changé d'avis ou quelle lumière UV différente ce n'est pas un problème, suivez simplement notre procédure facile dans notre centre de retour .

EVA_Air_Purifier_Sterilize_the_Air_within_20_Square_Meters_using_UV_light_to_remove_Bacteria_and_Viruses_from_the_Air_FINSEN_LIGHT EVA_Air_Purifier_Sterilize_the_Air_within_20_Square_Meters_using_UV_light_to_remove_Bacteria_and_Viruses_from_the_Air_FINSEN_LIGHT


175 cubic feet/hour
EVA_Portable_UV_Air_Sterilizer_Deactivates_Bateria_Viruses_and_More_from_the_Air_FINSEN_LIGHT EVA_Portable_UV_Air_Sterilizer_Deactivates_Bateria_Viruses_and_More_from_the_Air_FINSEN_LIGHT


>60 decibelzzz
EVA_UV_Air_Sterilizer_That_Is_Portable_Air_Purifier_for_Your_Car_Home_or_Office_FINSEN_LIGHT EVA_UV_Air_Sterilizer_That_Is_Portable_Air_Purifier_for_Your_Car_Home_or_Office_FINSEN_LIGHT


releases clean air


4.5 watt germicidal UVC light removes unwanted airborne pathogens

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