Fed up of Wiping & Disinfecting? WE HAVE THE BEST ALTERNATIVE!

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Disinfect Your Home & Business Sustainably with UV

In an era of global pandemic when the novel Coronavirus or Sars-Cov-2  (commonly known as Covid-19) continues to infect millions, people rush to their nearest stores to buy enough cleaning supplies along with other daily essentials to last the great lock-down, as going out now has become a dangerous health hazard. Due to its various modes of transmission, it has become essential to avoid contact with human beings as well as any kind of surface as this virus is capable of surviving in its active form for unknown number of hours on non-living objects too. As Sars-Cov-2 continues to remain a threat to human lives, people are advised to strictly pay attention to not only their own hygiene but also make sure to disinfect all surfaces which they come in contact with time to time along with many other guidelines provided by the World Health Organization. 

Although there is a catch, when it comes to using man-made chemical disinfectants for 'every surface' one comes in contact with. It is arguably impossible to hoard enough chemical products to disinfect every single surface on a daily basis. This is where the question arises, is there an alternative? 

To counter the barrier of limited supply of chemical products, we at Finsen, turned towards a more natural and sustainable solution, UV light. Supported by a number of scientific literature and researches including decontamination strategies from the U.S. FDA and Berkeley University to cope with lack of sufficient N95 filtering facepiece respirators (FFRs), scientists have been able to use UVC (a spectrum of UV light) to destroy the Coronavirus particles on a molecular level present on those masks. This technology has previously been used to successfully kill viruses like Influenza, H1N1, MERS and essentially SARS (which is also caused by a kind of Coronavirus) along with a multitude of bacteria and pathogens. 

The power of UVC light can be understood by the fact that even a few seconds of exposure is equivalent to that of many hours of sunlight multiplied by ten and hence contact with skin or eyes is to be avoided at all costs. However, this is the only information made available to people, depriving them from the complete truth. As one thoroughly goes through the guidelines laid down by the WHO, it is seen that there is only a mention of using UV light on the skin, which we agree is harmful, but using it on other surfaces goes unaddressed. 

Our at-home medical grade UVC light sanitizers create ozone gas which assists in efficiently destroying bacteria and viruses including the present Coronavirus as compared to chemical disinfectants which come in a limited supply and are hard to rely on given their chemical nature which may react with surfaces. From our magnificent JAEGAR which can be used for rooms to our portable TOMHAWK which is great for smaller spaces like cars, you can easily and effectively use our brilliant UV cleaning kits to sterilize your indoor areas and everything inside! Following the Finsen guidelines, you can safely disinfect your surfaces and stay protected and disease-free.

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