Finsen Lights specializes in anti-viral and virucidal UV light sterilization technologies that help home owners, businesses, medical professional and military agencies around the globe with sustainable personal and public sanitizing. All of our products are designed by Canadian specialists and only use Ozone gas to produce the concentrated medical grade UV light required to kill viruses, bacteria and microbes. In terms of UV light dispersion potential Finsen Lights also uses quartz crystal containment tubes for the ozone gas to product a powerful and concentrated 185 nm UV-C beam with out handheld Tomahawk model and 424 nm for our larger, stationary model, the JAEGAR. 

Our goal is to maximize the potential of gas, quartz crystal, UV light technology that can assist people around the world in implementing sustainable sanitizing. Using disinfectant wipes or chemical cleaning products on every single thing in your life is not realistic but costly and bad for your health. Although its not recommended to look directly at the Finsen Light system because of its concentrated power at least there are no chemicals. Our anti-viral and virucidal UV light products are using a completely natural technology, UV. The sun produces a light wavelength called UV-C and its natural purpose is to destroy bacteria and viruses in our solar system. Finsen is simply harnessing the power of the UV to make real sterilization sustainable for everyone.

The current COVID-19 (Coronavirus) has forced our society to contain and mitigate while thoroughly sterilizing accessories and all surfaces. We are facing a historic challenge bringing the public and private sector together to deliver solution based products for the global community.