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When purchasing Finsen Light products, it is important that customers are aware of the following:

  • If there is a problem with the Finsen Light product when it arrives at a customer's address, the customer will have to send the light back to our offices in Canada. Therefore if you purchase a light from finsenlight.com you will have to send it to our service center in Canada even if you are in another country.
  • Warranty policies are set by Finsen Light the manufacturer.

Finsen Light Team




What is the Finsen warranty?
Below is the manufacturer's warranty.  There are three categories of warranty. Check below to see which warranty your product has. Note that the cost of shipping units if for repair is not covered under warranty. Shipping back to you upon repair completion is offered at no cost. Please note that a proof of purchase may be required to begin the warranty process.

NOTICE: All Finsen products are covered under our 1 year warranty (since date of receiving your order).  If you have any questions on this warranty, please call our Service Dept. at 1-888-406-4023, 7 Days, 9am - 9pm EST.  

What does the Finsen warranty cover?
The standard warranty covers manufacturing defects. Normal wear is not covered by the warranty. Improper use or charging of the device that leads to a battery malfunction will not be covered under the Finsen warranty.

My Finsen light is over 60 days old and it quit working.  I am still covered under the warranty. What do I do?
The TOMAHAWK  has a lifespan of 5,000 charges, while the JAEGAR and THANOS has guaranteed peak performance for 8,000 hours.  Our patented anti-viral and virucial ozone gas, neon UV-C light naturally wares out over time and needs to be replace. When that occurs the light will remain dim with a full battery charge. At that time, you would need to order a new UV light in order to maintain sterilization performance of our products. Our warranty is only for 60 days unless deemed as a manufacturers warranty by the Finsen management team. 
If you have any questions or concerns, please contact us or call toll free 1-888-406-4023