UV Disinfectant Light - FINSEN LIGHT
Harness the power of UV light

We specialize in germicidal UV light that kills bacteria and viruses on surfaces and in the air.


At Finsen Light we are dedicated to creating modern cleaning and disinfecting solutions for home and business owners around the world. 

With lives on stake, health and hygiene tops the priority of not just those in medical health-care professions but masses in general. The struggle to sanitize oneself as well as essentially everything we come in physical contact with continues, with more and more research developments emerging on how to destroy the virus.

An exciting news came forth from scientists who were able to use UVC light technology to inactivate viruses from surfaces and in air. A vast number of successful researches have been carried out by scientists in this area as this technology has been preciously used to effectively kill disease causing bacteria as well as viruses including MERS and SARS which are a type of Coronavirus.


UVC light has been accepted as an effective way to sterilize since the mid 20th century and is now to sanitize medical equipment, sterile work facilities, food and water purification and for home sanitation because UVC light inactivates microorganisms.

This brilliant use of ultraviolet light against pathogens was discovered by Dr. Niels Ryberg Finsen, a Faroese physician and scientist who was awarded with noble prize for using photo-therapy to treat skin tuberculosis and other deceases like lupus. 

JAEGAR Large UV Disinfectant Light Designed to Clean your home business or car. Kill Viruses like COVID-19 Coronavirus, MERS, SARS H1N1  and other virus carrying bacteric - FINSEN LIGHT
Inspired by Dr. Niels Finsen’s invention

Our company decided to call itself Finsen Light and help people around the world battle and contain the threat posed to our health by the novel Coronavirus. Use of ultraviolet light is scientifically the most effective method to make any environment inhospitable to all kinds of microorganisms including bacteria, viruses, molds, and other pathogens. And so, this company brings to you a sustainable and cost-effective way of sanitation for homes, cars, offices, medical facilities and all indoor areas. Our range of products has been carefully designed by experts in the lab to function in different kinds of environments in order to provide fool-proof results.

We at Finsen Light put public health before everything else and in order to survive the ongoing challenge we have brought to you the best way to protect you, all your loved ones and everyone else around you in order to make our lives more hygienic and disease-free.