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Looking for a simple and efficient way to disinfect your business or home? The Jaegar is one the highest quality UVC disinfectant for home, business and medical industry. Every Jaegar is verified to hit the 254nm, which is the UVC light wavelength requirement to remove bacteria and harmful pathogens from surfaces and the air. The Jaegar is completely automated helps you clean the areas you may have missed. Finsen Light integrated the most reliable technologies to maximize sterilization performance and safety capabilities. The patent pending, compact and lightweight design makes the Jaegar incredibly simple to setup allowing you to sterilize up to 100ft². JAEGAR_UVC_Sterilization_Light_Safety_Features_30_Second_Power_Start_Delay_and_360_Degree_Motion_Sensor_Power_Shutdown_FINSEN_LIGHT 5

  • 15, 30 & 60 Minute Timer
  • Child Safety Remote Control
  • 30 Second Power Start Delay
  • 360° Motion Sensor Shutdown


  • Warranty: 1 Year
  • Usage: 5,000 Hours
  • Dimensions: 2.4"x 21.8"
  • Sterilization Area: 100 ft² 
  • Function: Surface & Air Sterilizer
  • UVC Bulb: Philips Germicidal (254nm)  

Finsen Light - UV Sterilization Light
    Finsen_Disinfectant_UV_Light_Warranty_Details_Sterilize_Your_Home_Business_Office_or_Car_and_Kill_Bacteria_and_Viruses_Like_Coronavirus_COVID-19_Finsen_Lights_Include_a_One_Year_Warranty_ FINSEN LIGHT

    All Finsen disinfectant UV light products come with a one year warranty. In the unlikely event that you experience performance issues within the UV products all items will be replaced, free of charge. Learn more

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    Free_Shipping_to_the_United_States_US_Disinfectant_UV_Light_High_Quality_for_Your_Home_Business_and_More_Kill_Bacteria_and_Viruses_Like_COVID-19_and_Coronavirus_on_surfaces_and_in_the_air -FINSEN LIGHTFree_Shipping_to_Canada_for_UV_Light_Disinfectant_for_your_Home_Business_Office_Car_and_more - FINSEN LIGHTFREE SHIPPING TO US & CANADA

    Simple! Finsen Light offers FREE shipping to the United States (excluding HI & AK) and Canada coast to coast.

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    Customer satisfaction and product quality are the pillars at Finsen Light. That's why we offer a No Hassle 30 Day return policy from the moment you receive your order.

    J A E G A R

    DISINFECT 100 ft²